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Fantastic: the iMorsix app is here!

Go to the German Version >>>

Simply download it from the Apple App Store


>>  Continue to the Apple App Store

  And start with Morse Code right away!

The unique expansion of the Morsix family


Works with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

The new Communications cable BlueCab
is a high-tech precision cable with built-in active and passive components. Individually manufactured and tested. Only the BlueCab is approved for use together with iMorsix and the iPhone.

If you want to work with an Iambic keyer with iMorsix pse download first the inApp 'Iambic Keyer' Only paddles with pure mechanical contacts  can be used with iMorsix. No any built-in electronic components are approved to use. Please remove them first.

Practice and learn Morse Code in a new dimension:

Only the BlueCab is approved for use with iMorsix and all other Apple devices together with Bluetooth technology.

Length:  1m, ok for iPhones and iPods

>>> To order the BlueCab scroll down !


With the adapter cable, as opposed to when a keying device is connected to a transceiver or if controlled by a relay or transistor, here we must deal with the capabilities of the iPhone. It requires that the keying device have very good contact surfaces. Once they are cleaned, the system will work reliably for an extended period of time. 


Bluetooth 4.0 - The next generation

And here the newest iMorsix development control with the cable BlueCab:

With the new BlueCab you have been  arrived in the new iMorsix generation.

With Bluetooth 4.0  the easy connection of keyer, paddles with iPhone or iPad now become a reality.

A first screen shot of the new iMorsix:

How to order a communications-cable (BlueCab):

Go to the page 'Service' on the website. Here you can type the order into the site. Don't forget to mention your name and postal address and your phone number.

from 1.10.2015: new address for cables and accessories: Deitron, CH-8620 Wetzikon,
Tel. +41 (0) 79 517 07 38, eMail: deitron@bluewin.ch

The newest communication-cable BlueCab is a high-tech precision-cable with built in acrtive and passive components. Hand-maded and proofed. Only the BlueCab is approved to use with new Bluetooth technology and iPhone or iPod.With other devices you may loose the guaranties of the cable and the iPhone.

Prices (Switzerland: CHF 65.00. All prices in Euro or US$ are adjusted to the current exchange rates)
Overseas US$ 65.50 + handling and postage fees of US$ 15.10 = US$ 80.60

The communication cable BlueCab with Bluetooth 4.0 is hand-made built for all new operation systems, mind. IOS-8 of iPhones 4S, 5, 6, 7, 8 and iPhone X. hard and software.

Price CHF 65.00 
+ Zuschlag für Einschreiben Versand  (nesessary for overseas)  CHF 24.- 

+ Additional postage fee for registred parcel post (is needed spec. for overseas) = CHF 24.-
  (US$ 15.10)

only on demand and will produce additional costs to the customer.

payable: Switzerland, Germany and Austria with e-Banking, Rest of the world prepaid with PayPal. (hb9cwa@bluewin.ch)

Important !

In the package of the cable there is a booklet bypacked with important instructions. Pse be sure to do all the mentioned work carefully, unless the whole device maybe not work properly.

We wish you vy much fun with the new iMorsix !


An ad in several Magazines.

Shows you the Connection of ComCab with an IPhone 4 and paddle and/or a hand keyer.

You can see how really simple is that!

Tel. 079 517 07 38, eMail: deitron@bluewin.ch