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Biography HB9CWA

Nice n'easy: Captain Luis

Luis, HB9CWA during circum navigation 1996-2003
on sailing yacht ELDORADO.

New: see website: www.hb9cwa.ch

Here are some facts and notes about HB9CWA: Born 23. of November 1937, schools in Zürich. Worked as Electronic Engineer and Technical Writer in my own company (delta press) during many years. Since 1964 married with my wife Lotti, one daughter Liliane. Liliane is married and she is living in Germany (Meerbusch nr. Dusseldorf).

Licensed since 1982. My first callsign was HB9RPY (only VHF/UHF). Than after code studies and second examination at telecommunication authorities (Morseprüfung at Swiss PTT) upgraded in 1984 to HB9CWA. Founder and until end of 2015 owner of the Swiss Ham Radio School (ILT Schule in Zürich, School call: HB9IA). In the ILT-School we had and have courses of marthematics, electronics, digital-electronics and ham-radio techniques, code studies, yacht communications, celestial navigation (Astronavigation) and seminars for longterm-yachties and cruisers. We have developed and produced the famous code-trainer Morsix, wich is also used by the Swiss Army. I wrote some technical books like Amateurfunktechnik, Code training, Digital Technique and Digital Praxis, programs for Celestial Navigation, Bluewater-Sailing and Electronics on Cruising yachts.

Other DX-callsigns used: IA5/HB9CWA (for VHF-UHF-Contest on the isle of Elba), HE7CWA (during 1991, the 700 year celebration of Swiss Confoederation), EA8/HB9CWA and EA8CZP (on Tenerife Island).  And HB9CWA/mm during our circum navigation (Weltumsegelung) 1996-2003 with our sailing yacht ELDORADO. 

Im Frühjahr 2017 wurde HB9CWA von der amerikanischen ARRL mit dem Status Honor Roll ausgezeichnet >>> DXCC Honor Roll

Ludwig, HB9CWA ist im Jahre 2013 zum Ehrenmitglied der USKA ernannt worden.

Wetzikon: Beautiful for living

Beautiful and lovely landscape around Robenhausen-Wetzikon. Robenhausen is an old part of Wetzikon with small houses and nice people. Since 2004 we are living here. (Photo: courtesy community of  Wetzikon)

In the year of 2004 we have sold our yacht ELDORADO and looked for a place to be. Now we are living 'definitly on shore' in the German part of Switzerland. In Robenhausen-Wetzikon, abt. 20 km NE of Zürich in the highlands of Canton Zürich (Zürcher Oberland) we have found a very nice place near of Lake of Pfäffikon (Pfäffikersee) in a part of a 200 years old house (Flarzhaus) to stay and live in peace.  During the winter time now we are mostly in EA8 (Tenerife Island). I'll be also QRV there under the call EA8/HB9CWA. 

QTH-Coordinates of Robenhausen-Wetzikon: 47° 19' 15'' N,    08° 47' 16'' E
Ham-Grid: JN47JH

HB9CWA is Member of USKAARRL and URE

Ham Radio station of HB9CWA see Shack and Antennas 

Our address in Switzerland:

Ludwig F. (Luis) Drapalik, HB9CWA, and Charlotte (Lotti)
Dorfstrasse 43
CH-8620 Wetzikon/Switzerland
Tel. 0041 (0)44 431 77 31
mobile 0041 (0)79 517 07 38

E-Mail: hb9cwa at bluewin.ch

Homepage: www.hb9cwach

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