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YL-DX-pedition to the Falkland Islands (VP8)

Mitte Januar 2009 fand eine DX-pedition statt zu den Falkland Inseln (VP8) mit alles YL’s als Operators. Eine dieser YL ist Victoria, SV2KBS, eine griechische Funkamateurin. Sie hat auf den Falklands das call VP8YLG. Ich bin in EA8 nur mit einem einfachen rig und nur mit einer Verticalantenne ausgerüstet. Umso mehr erfreut war ich, dass ich ich Victoria trotzdem auf 17m,  20m und sogar auf 40m kontaktieren konnte. Immerhin betrug das QRB rund 9.700 km! Ich gratulierte ihr: «Congrats, du hast gute Ohren!». «Ich weiss nicht ob wir gute Ohren haben, aber wir haben eine gute Antenne, eine 3 Element StepIR – ein echtes ‘piece of cake’», schmunzelte sie. Wie recht sie hat... Es war natürlich ein riesiges pile-up, alle wollten eine Verbindung mit den Ladies.

Victoria (VP8YLG) with two tubes 3-500-Z.Dann habe ich auf qrz.com Victorias Eintrag gefunden. Mir haben ihre Ausführungen sehr gefallen.
Sympathisch: Auf dem Bild hält Victoria zwei der HF-Endröhren 3-500-Z in den Händen, die gleichen Röhrentypen, die in vielen KW-Linears verwendet werden. Und schliesslich zierte diese Röhre als graviertes silbernes Symbol das Abschluss-Diplom der ILT-Schule.
Viel Feuer für Amateurfunk, congrats dr Victoria! Hier Auszüge des englischen Original-Textes.

My name is Victoria and I was born on 18/07/1984 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Currently my main QTH lies in the very north-eastern part of Greece, in Alexandroupolis.

Much DX Activities

Holding VP8YLG call (YL expedition to Falkland Islands) being as well as one of VK9LA expedition team to Lord Howe island.

Lucky enough for having been on the air also as JW/SV2KBS, LA/SV2KBS, SM/SV2KBS, OZ/SV2KBS LZ/SV2KBS, LA3T, JW5E, SK7MW, J42T, SZ1A, SX7W, SX2SB, J47XCF and tens of times /Portable from mountaintops (highest summit of Olympus mountain included 2918m.)

Radio Waves: Magic of an unvisible World

Through my beloved hobby, mountain hiking, I was always carried away to watch my fellow climbers using their handheld transceivers for their communication needs and this stimulated my interest for wireless communications. Apart from this, something else that brought me close to amateur radio was my mother's MW+SW receiver -and her passion for chasing DX broadcasting stations- with which I spent hundreds of hours listening to transmitions coming from near and far far away ! But it was no later than 2005 when I got licensed and discovered the real magic of another unvisible world which is always around us (and inside us !), the radiowave world !!

CW is the magic carpet ride of Ham Radio

Currently, as a new member in Ham Radio community, I enjoy very much operating HF radiotelephony (SSB) and listening in shortwave as well as practicing CW, a mode which fascinated me a lot from the early beginning when I had to learn it for my license exams - ever since I found out that this is my mode, CW the magic carpet ride of Ham Radio ! Above this I'm also very interested in the satellite and EME communications. However, what I love most is DXing.. I struggle with it, but you know how is it. I also get carried away when working in contests, especially if I am part of a multi-op group.

Fly to the moon

Then, thanks to Jimmy SV1BTR, I got on the air on 2m CW EME experiencing this way the ultimate DX. My 144MHz EME setup is as follows: 4x17el 3.3wl yagi's - GU74B by LZ2US - MGF 1302. The paddle I use is the Schurr Profi 2, I love it! If you are interested in this exciting mode of communication, don't hesitate to get in touch with the CW EME community: they will do ll the best for you to help you get on the air and click away the most thrilling QSOs ever. Now QRV on 144 MHz CW EME! Fly to the Moon and straight onto heaven! See you off the Moon.

But apart from CW and space amateur communications, another obsession I have is my passion for the Quad antennas. The Queen of the antennas! These antennas are by far my favourite, for some inexplicable reason I am in love with them and I try to study them, understand them and -hopefully- build one in the near future.

Well equipped Home stn

My HF station is equipped as follows: GAP Titan DX antenna that has made me happy and proud many times, my beloved all-singing all-dancing Icom IC-7000, my comfy Heil Pro Plus headset which has become a natural extension of my body and my LDG AT-1000 antenna tuner which has harmoniously matched many antennas in a very happy matrimony. And the most precious jewels of my station, each one of them with unique beauty, clicking away many happy QSOs for me: Schurr Profi 2 Morsetasten, Kent Hand Key, Swedish Pump Key. They are all of them objects of equal worship for me. I also own a Diamond GSV-3000 30A which powers my dreams, a Signalink interface for digimodes, a portable Spiderbeam antenna, a Buddipole portable antenna and for 2m FM mountaintopping I use a 3-element SOTAbeam along with a Yaesu VX-7 trx. A pretty 144 MHz 4-element Quad antenna serves for local ragchewing. I am also enthused when flying my Cody kite (2,5m wingspan) with various vertical wire antennae when on field operation. And still looking forward for more ham radio shopping.

I also be member of several amateur radio clubs as RAAG Radio Amateur Association of Greece, NRRL Norsk Radio Relæ Liga (The Norwegian Radio League), ARRL American Radio Relay League, WWYC World Wide Young Contesters, Flying Pigs QRP Club, YLRL Young Ladies' Radio League, ALARA Australian Young Ladies Amateur Radio Association, The Tromsø Radio Club of NRRL and a lot of more.