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Kure Atoll K7C, IOTA OC-020

Log HB9CWA: 4. October 2005, 06:14 UTC on 20m, SSB

The K7C-Team: Standing: Alan, KS6SRZ; John, N7CQQ; Charlie, W6KK; Arnie N6HC; Gerd, DJ5IW; Steve, VECT; Robert, KK6EK. Kneeling: Al, AD6E; Ward, NØAXN; Ann, WA1S; Franz, DJ9ZB; Garry, NI6T

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Kure Atoll is the northernmost coral atoll in the world. It lies some 2204 km NW of Honolulu, which is the point of departure for the expedition. The voyage will take about eight days to reach Kure. The team will spend about two weeks on the atoll, and then return to Honolulu.

The DX-pedition was QRV from Sept.24. - 6. Oct 2005. The Team logged over 50'000 QSO's. A special feature was the implentation of DXA, a new web-based near real-time presentation of the curret status of the DX-pedition. More than 50'000 people (incl. HB9CWA) logged into DXA, where they could see the bandmodes being worked and get confirmation of their QSO's. 

(Text and photos by courtesey of K7C)

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